Getting to know Adapted 4 Switches

Hi, My name is Colin I am 21 and I have a condition called Glutaric Acidura this means I have very little control over my body so I use head switches to access the computer, games consoles and I want to be able to do more so I am always on the look out for toys and gadgets that can be "adapted 4 switches". I now want to inform other switch users what is possible so I have made this website with all the things I have adapted so far.

The name Adapted 4 Switches first started 3 years ago when I had a problem at school, the teacher wanted everyone to put up their hand if they knew the answer, but I could not do it. So i then came up with a lightbulb that I operate with my head switch. I then realised that there was not a market out there for switch operated items. After some time I came up with the name "Adapted 4 Switches". I then started up a Facebook page and got loads of responses and likes. I was requested to do a demonstration video of the I0S7 switch access which allows switch users to access Apple devices. I uploaded the clip on Youtube and it now has views from all over the world and I have many subscribers.

The Mission

My mission is to knock down barriers that get in my way and other people's on a daily basis and make more things possible for switch users.